As a Writing Coach, I work to create a nurturing space in which to develop the confidence and self-esteem of each young writer.

The work involves encouraging students to observe and record their ideas, experiences, and feelings as fully and clearly as possible. Once that is done, we clarify, flesh out with further detail, and refine to be more specific.

Writing is a powerful and empowering tool

available to us all, if only we make the time to realize it.

I work one-on-one with each student to develop

this formidable means of self expression.

Application Writing

The student and I work together to ensure the

application and accompanying essays enhance

each other, avoid repetition and use all

available space to present the most complete,

multidimensional and consistent picture of

the applicant.

Creative Writing

Creating space in an otherwise busy schedule, I encourage the student to explore

thoughts and ideas that might otherwise remain only whispers below the surface.

This writing is free form. Through various exercises, we play in a place of wordlessness,

explore the body-mind connection and from there, let the creativity flow.

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