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Description of Services

I offer writing support for all levels of students. Together, we work on everything from applications and school-assigned essays to personal and creative writing. Resume support is offered.  A great deal of my work is with high school seniors on their college applications. We work to refine the Personal Statement and short answer questions, then complete and review the details of the Common Application, paying close attention to ensure that each piece of the application is consistent with and enhances the others. We work in the same way with the individual college supplements.

I see myself as a space holder – holding the time for each student to focus, asking the questions that will guide each writer to work more deeply. It is an opportunity for young writers to experience the writing process in its entirety and to discover a personal sense of potential when it comes to expression through the written word. Close attention is paid to the mechanics of writing, while at the same time focusing on refining the content until it is clear, specific and alive.  While support is offered for the discovery of greater nuance and precision, our priority is preserving each writer’s unique voice.

Charges are calculated on an hourly basis at the rate of $100 per hour.

Charges apply to face-to-face time with the student [which may occur in person, via Skype or by phone] as well as to preparatory editing time. In some cases, time spent working with parents in updates and explanations will be calculated in.

Payment is accepted in cash, by check, through PayPal or by credit card. Payment may be made per session, or an invoice can be sent on a periodic basis.

Please advise at the beginning of services how you prefer to be billed and how you intend to pay.

Thank you for entrusting your student to this process. It is an experience they will carry with them for a lifetime.