Teen Fitness

Laying a foundation for stress reduction by working with breath, meditation and body conditioning, this class supports kids during those tricky years of middle school and high school. Here, in the studio with regular trips to Prospect Park, we set aside time for kids to experience their bodies and consider their exercise and lifestyle routines while moving in a noncompetitive and nurturing space.

Thursdays 4.00 – 5.00  beginning Sept. 27th                                            $20/class    $180/10 week series

Move your Body, Move your Mind

When our body is engaged in an activity, our mind is free to enter into a place of wordlessness. There, it can play, tap into deeper perceptions, and explore until now silent questions, observations, and hunches. In this writing workshop, we relax our body through a series of stretches inspired by yoga, Pilates and Alexander Technique, in order to move into the space where our mind is free, our creativity unleashed and our desire to write realized.

Friday, October 19th                               7.00 - 9.00 pm                                                    $40


To Register for a class or workshop, email liz at  lizgessner@me.com

Classes are held at Bodycraft Studio  142 Prospect Park West   entrance on 9th Street

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