“My daughter worked with Liz on her college essays at the 11th hour—she thought she had it all under control but then she wanted to make changes, which wrought panic.  It was stressful and could have been devastating, but we found Liz.  Working with Liz through a nurturing process allowed our daughter to feel good about the application she was putting forth to a very selective range of colleges.  We could not be happier with the approach Liz takes—she does not write for the kids, instead she guides them to a place to do their best and most personal writing.  It is an enormous talent.   We recommend Liz Gessner highly!”

                                                                                                 - M.C.,  mother of senior at Bard HIgh School, NY, NY


“I wanted to take the time to tell you how much I enjoyed working with you and tell you how helpful you were in my college process.  Often times when I get outsiders to edit my work it acquires a stilted quality that just, fundamentally, is not me.  While that may be okay for school papers, it doesn't fly in the college process.  I really felt that I was heard and that you worked with me to preserve my authorial voice while fine-tuning my message.  This was invaluable.  You gave me the structure and support I needed to get it done. I feel much more confident about my applications because of you, and I thank you for that.”

                                                                                    - Senior, Bard High School, N.Y.


“I just want you to know that you were a huge part of what got me here. You were the best resource I could have asked for during the crazy college process.  Your savvy and thoughtful guidance and the freedom your style provided me allowed me to present my best possible face to colleges in the written application without fearing that my true self was being lost or sacrificed by over editing and minutia.”

                                                                                    - Freshman, Grinnell College, Iowa

“As a student athlete, my application process happened faster than all of my friends. Liz knew how to handle it and helped me every step of the way. She appreciates what being an athlete involves and how it goes together with being a student. I never felt like I had to explain myself to her; she just understood. I would work with Liz any time.”

                                                                                      - graduate of Syracuse University ’12

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